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“We have doubled our enrollment and have expanded, this would not have happened without Dance Teacher Web!” Judy and Catherine from Catherine's Dance Studio Kansas City MO

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Learn from the brightest minds in the industry and light a spark to your daily routine. With 1000+ videos,100's of lesson plans, teaching tips and articles for all levels we can help you stay creative and current all year long!

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DTW Founders Steve Sirico and Angela D'Valda Sirico have been running a successful studio for over 32 years and know what you deal with every day. Get access to information on marketing, increasing revenue and so much more!.

Ignite Your Creativity!

Being a Great Dance Teacher or Dance Studio Owner is hard work! Let DTW be your go to resource whenever and wherever you are looking for instant inspiraion and motivation available 24/7.

"Dance Teacher Web is a wonderful resource ever teacher should use!"

James Whiteside is a principal dancer with American Ballet Theater and former student of Dance Teacher Web Founders Steve and Angela Sirico. Check out his great work in the member’s area.

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Studio Owners get instant access to new marketing trends, ways to improve communication, tips on how to upsell and retention systems that can generate 27% more profit!

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4-Days of High-Octane Inspiration, Las Vegas Summer of 2023

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