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Master Class Video Series



Bring Back a Combo Class with Julie Kay Stallcup

Combo classes have been a staple in the studio for years and it is making a BIG COMEBACK after the pandemic. The more variety you have the more engaged these young dancers will be. I will give you ideas on the advertisement side and guide you on how to create a curriculum that flows and shows these kids that variety in dance is the way to go.

Master Class Video Series



Tweens and Teens with Julie Kay Stallcup

Trying to connect with tired, burned out, non motivated tweens and teens is exhausting. The stress of covid, social media and school is very overwhelming and everyday I teach these dancers it gets harder and harder to connect with their young minds. This class will provide tools on how to build confidence, promote self improvement, praise effort instead of the outcome, teach assertiveness skills & encourage positive self talk all while learning to find the JOY in DANCE.

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Fixing Communication Gaps with Julie Kay Stallcup

Julie Kay presents great ideas on how to make sure your teachers, recreational dancers and competitive dancers are on the same page. Loopholes will hurt your business, so let me know show you 5 tricks and they are GAME CHANGERS!

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