Contemporary Choreography with Renee Ritchie

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Intermediate Combination


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A deep dive into technique, movement, control and expression through power and grace. An athletic, artistic and beautiful expression of contemporary dance with tons of dance education and information.



Renee Ritchie

Renee Ritchie

Renee Ritchie is an invaluable addition to any creative team. An accomplished entrepreneur, choreographer, and educator, Renee has left her mark on numerous iconic tours, music videos, television shows, and more. As the Creative Director of Hollywood Dance Mentorship, she spearheads a rigorous 8-week program based in Los Angeles, catering to aspiring international and pre-professional dancers eager to elevate their careers. Graduates of Hollywood Dance Mentorship have gone on to become resident dancers on prestigious platforms such as the MASK Singer (Australia), A Chorus Line Musical, Solo Grand Finalist on ‘Super Talent’ Croatia, and ‘Drummer Queens’ at the Sydney Opera House. Renee is dedicated to guiding the next generation of performers on their global journey in the years to come. Renee’s professional journey extends to her role as a renowned choreographer. She has lent her creative touch to Season 4 of So You Think You Can Dance Australia, crafted choreography for music videos like Dami Im’s ‘Fighting For Love,’ and contributed to Paula Abdul’s 2018 ‘Straight Up’ Tour, under the direction of Tina Landon. She has also served as an assistant choreographer for Jennifer Lopez’s ‘All I Have’ and Britney Spears’ ‘Domination’ Las Vegas live shows. Further, Renee’s portfolio includes her role as an associate choreographer for various projects, including D23 Expo, where she collaborated with Disney stars from “High School Musical The Musical The Series,” “Zombies 3,” and “Under Wraps 2.” She has also left her mark on MGA’s LOL Surprise Remix Dance Show in 3D on YouTube, Tauren Wells’s ‘Citizens of Heavens’ Tour, and Blippi LIVE dance show at Toy Fair in Saudi Arabia. Renee is the creative force behind “Blippi The Musical,” which is touring the USA, Canada, and internationally. Her expertise has allowed her to teach at esteemed studios like TMilly, Debbie Reynolds, Millennium, and at various dance conventions across the US and around the world. Renee is also a seasoned judge with six years of experience, having collaborated with prestigious companies such as View Dance Challenge, KAR, Rainbow, and more. Renee’s teaching style is marked by intensity and boundless passion. Her aim is for every participant in her classes to leave feeling inspired and having pushed their bodies to new heights, both athletically and spiritually. Renee is deeply committed to providing experiences and opportunities that empower individuals with the confidence to pursue their dreams actively. In Renee’s own words, “Being a dancer transcends mere movement; it means becoming the artist within. Embrace your authentic self and witness the magic as your career unfolds—a life lived through dance.”

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