Contemporary Combo for Kids with Sloan-Taylor Rabinor

Experience Level:

Beginner Combination


Master Class Video Series



In this class, we will be establishing how to get this level interested in creative movement. What kind of movement works and where to challenge the kids. Through a combo, we will explore and notice where to create “checkpoints” and where to push their limitations on exploration.



Sloan-Taylor Rabinor

Sloan-Taylor Rabinor

Sloan-Taylor Rabinor grew up and trained in Phoenix, Arizona. At the age of 17 she won her first national title at the dance convention The Pulse, and that is where her dance career really began. She started traveling and assisting choreographers such as Brian Friedman, Laurieann Gibson, Wade Robson, and Mia Michaels. Sloan's love for dance took her to Los Angeles in 2009, starting out fresh in a new place her ability took her straight to the top, landing her a spot as a backup dancer for Lady Gaga’s iconic performance on the 2009 VMA’s. In that performance, Sloan is seen as the wild one in the famous “wheelchair moment”. Dancing backup for Lady Gaga she has recently completed her third world tour. She danced in The Artpop Ball, Born this Way Ball, and Monsterball. In terms of music videos she can be seen in GUY, Applause, Bad Romance, and Telephone.  Over a period of time she was also lucky enough to dance for Selena Gomez. Alongside Selena, she is in the music video Come and Get it. She has also danced on Ellen, X Factor (UK), Oprah, AMA’s, Grammy's, Billboard Awards, and VMA’s. One of accomplishments includes 4 episodes of Glee. In one episode Sloan is seen as a “hardcore” Cheerio dancing to an epic mashup of Janet Jacksons Nasty and Rhythm Nation.  Outside of dance Sloan-Taylor has also always had a love for fitness. In between tours she has received her yoga certification as well as her Pilates certification. After finishing the last tour she was lucky enough to train Gaga in those fields. Sloan is currently studying to be a health coach and a personal trainer, eventually her goal is to have a life filled where both her passions are being filled to the absolute maximum.

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