Hip Hop Progressions with Geo Hubela

Experience Level:

Beginner Combination


Master Class Video Series


Hip Hop

This class will focus specifically on “FOOT-WORK” and “ARM-WORK” progressions *Exercises will be broken down separately by upper and lower body movement and then combined. Progressions will encompass 3 levels starting at a beginner, progressing to intermediate and onto advanced levels.



Geo Hubela

Geo Hubela

George "Geo" Hubela is one of the most popular and sought after dancer/choreographers in the music industry thanks to his extreme talent and versatility. He is currently choreographing for (European Pop Star) Billy Crawford. He has worked with French Pop sensation "Lorie," and was choreographer and artistic director for her 2004 Weekend tour, which spanned across cities in France, Belgium, Switzerland, Tahiti, and Quebec. This is the second world tour he has choreographed for Lorie. He has appeared as a recurring choreographer on the hit MTV show BeComing, including the episodes BeComing JLo, BeComing Dream, and BeComing 'NSYNC. Before he stepped into choreography, he assisted Darrin Henson with the Spice Girls, industrial shows for Tommy Hilfiger and American Express and also danced in Darrin's Dance Grooves. He now has his very own instructional video, GEO's Dance Party!, and you can find commercials for this hot Hip-Hop instructional video on Nickelodeon and the Disney Channel. As a performer, GEO has danced with some of the biggest stars in the music industry such as Will Smith, Michael Jackson, PINK, Britney Spears, 'NSYNC, Jessica Simpson, Macy Gray, Selena, Smashmouth, Deborah Cox, and even danced on two world promotional tours with Jennifer Lopez. One of the biggest highlights of his career was performing for the troops at the MTV USO concert in Germany while touring with JLo. He also performed with Jennifer Love Hewitt at the 2003 Pro Bowl halftime show in Hawaii. GEO's TV credits include; That 70's Show, Chicago Hope, The Young and the Restless, Fame LA, The Nikki Cox Show, The Miss America Pageant, The Goodwill Games, The NAACP Image Awards, and the 69th Annual Academy Awards. He also choreographed his first national TV commercial for Jet Blue Airlines. Film credits include; The Wedding Singer, and Boys and Girls.

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