The Power of Props with Taryn Pascoe

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Learn from an award-winning preschool dance teacher on how best to structure your preschool classes and use different props and dynamics to keep preschoolers engaged for a whole lesson. Learn teaching tips on how to help preschoolers develop important coordination milestones, build confidence and encourage freestyle and creative choices. You will use rhythm sticks to roll sushi, go camping with the parachute, chase rainbows with ribbons and so much more.



Belinda Agostino

Belinda Agostino

Belinda is a co-founder of Ready Set Dance, the leading preschool dance curriculum Worldwide. The award-winning program proudly created by studio owners for studio owners, has seen such success that Nickelodeon turned it into a TV show. With her degree in Business, majoring in Marketing and experience as a dance educator, Belinda understands connecting class marketing with class management. Her wealth of knowledge comes from owning her own studio in Sydney @allstarzpa and teaching for over 25 years. With over 800 students coming through her studio doors every week and 300 of those being pre-schoolers, she knows how to reach, teach, and retain preschoolers and turn them into a lifetime customer. In her sessions Belinda will share valuable teaching and marketing insights and teach actionable strategies that can be immediately implemented to help studios grow their business.

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