The Magic to the 5 Star Experience with Jennifer Chin-Gorner

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All studios offer dance classes and performances. What can be the ultimate differentiator? Learn the one thing that matters more than anything else to stand out from the rest.



Jennifer Chin

Jennifer Chin

Jennifer Chin has had a heart for sharing, leading and loving all her life. She proudly uses her childhood experiences, lessons and values to lead the next generation and inspire all whom she comes in contact with to reach great heights. Speaking and presenting from small young crowds to the audiences of More Than Just Great Dancing, Dance Teacher Summit and so many more! Her life and business experience will take you on a journey to not only laugh and cry along the way, but open your heart and mind to all YOU are capable of doing. Knowing at a young age she wanted to follow in her parent’s entrepreneurial footsteps, she quickly knew she would create something that could make an impact her way. Watching them lead with love, serve with kindness and give back generously, she has worked tirelessly to build an organization that does just that and more. Starting as “just” a dance studio in 2005, she proudly grew her organization teaching life lessons through dance. Honored to be a More Than Just Great Dancing Certified coach, founder of Believe in the Dream 501C3, recipient of the "IMPACT"" award for her service and commitment to the community in which her studio resides; Jennifer has enjoyed sharing her passion for making a difference. Her passion in entrepreneurship, living life and creating memories with their 2 children Baylee (9) and Brooklynne (3) is all wrapped up in her desire to make every moment and interaction in life one memorable experience after another.

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