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When what you want to be known FOR is what you’re known FOR, you create vision-carriers for your organization and the people around you. Like people, businesses and organizations also have a unique identity. Each pursues growth in a way that leaves a legacy, an impact or impression on the world and the people they engage with. The world has changed. It’s no longer about being known as the best company in the world. It’s about being known as the best company for the world.



Dori Matkowski

Dori Matkowski

Dori LaMarra Matkowski is the founder of Elite Leaders, LLC. Dori has been a business entrepreneur since 1977. Owning and operating dance studios as well as mentoring dance studio owners, dance teachers and helping thousands of students grow to achieve success. Leadership is indicative of her desire to provide inspiration to others. She has devoted her life to assisting people in achieving their dreams and in growing to leadership positions. Her four decades of experience is comprised of a wealth of experiences and coaching business owners to gain confidence with resources to build a positive culture of success, advising the Miss America Organization at the local and state level, producing and directing various entertainments, celebrations, and seminars, and providing guidance for students pursuing entertainment careers. Dori is Certified with the Maxwell Leadership Certified Team in the Executive Program as a Speaker, Coach, Leadership and Mentor and is active in the Global Youth Initiative. She is also Certified for DISC Behavioral Analysis in the Maxwell Method as well as Parenting and Family coaching. She is licensed to teach and facilitate many programs launched from the Maxwell Leadership series. She is a certified Brain Health Coach with the Amen Clinics and a NeuroEncoding Specialist with JM3. Dori has spent a lifetime preparing for coaching, sharing through speaking events and achieving customer service excellence.

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