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Tracey Wozny

Tracey Wozny

Tracey Wozny is an entrepreneur, speaker, owner of Shapes Dance and Acro Studio and founder of Taking Shape non-profit organization. She has owned and operated 4 dance schools in rural Missouri since 1995 and serves over 1000 students a year in her dance and performing arts program. Tracey is also the founder and CEO of Taking Shape non-profit organization whose mission is to grow young leaders through strong character values and servant leadership. She is the author of the Taking Shape STAR Leadership curriculum which is the nucleus of the Taking Shape leadership organization focusing on the 5 character values of Trust, Serve, Love, Excellence and Growth. The Taking Shape STAR Leadership program is used by over 50 dance schools, clubs and organizations throughout the country that are committed to growing young leaders who impact others. Taking Shape grows young leaders on 3 platforms; Here at the community level, Near at the inner city level serving the Greater Kansas City and Far globally with their partnership with Lephare Orphanage in Port au Prince, Haiti.

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