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Mihran Kirakosian

Discover Mihran Kirakosian, the renowned choreographer behind iconic dance routines for Britney Spears, Madonna, and more. Take his online classes today.

Inspiring Dance Enthusiasts: A Spotlight on Mihran Kirakosian

If you love pop and hip-hop dance, chances are you've seen Mihran Kirakosian's work. This incredible choreographer has put his stamp on some of the most unforgettable music performances of our time. He choreographed dance routines for Britney Spears, Madonna, and Ricky Martin. 

This Armenian-born artist is all about sharing his passion for dance. Mihran Kirakosian runs production companies. He also owns dance studios and even offers online classes, making his expertise accessible to dancers everywhere.

Early Life and Inspiration

Like a lot of dancers, Mihran Kirakosian fell in love with movement early on. His passion started in his home country of Armenia. But, if you want to talk about his career taking off, you've got to talk about his move to the United States. That's where he started honing the incredible style that would eventually make him a go-to choreographer for the biggest names in music.

Choreographer to the Stars

Mihran didn't waste any time making his mark on the industry. He landed a spot on Britney Spears' "Me Against the Music" promotional tour back in 2003, and that was just the beginning. Imagine working with Madonna on those iconic "Re-Invention" and "Confessions" tours. But his work doesn't stop with those legends. Ricky Martin, Selena Gomez, Victoria Justice, and the Black Eyed Peas, have all been inspired by his choreography.  

Mihran’s Dancing Style 

If you've seen Mihran Kirakosian's work, you know his style is all about sharp moves that still somehow flow together perfectly. He brings this amazing mix of hip-hop and pop energy that makes the performances unforgettable. It's also fair to say that his choreography has had a major influence on how we see dance within pop music today.  

Mihran K. Productions and Mihran K. Studios

Mihran isn't just an incredible dancer and choreographer. The guy has serious business skills too. He founded not one, but two successful companies: Mihran K. Productions and Mihran K. Studios. Mihran K. Productions does it all, from films, and music videos, to huge live shows.   As for Mihran K. Studios in Burbank, it's become the place for major artists, choreographers, and networks to work on their choreography. We're talking about Mary J. Blige, Camila Cabello, and even RuPaul. Networks like Disney and Nickelodeon are regulars there too. But that’s not all. Mihran brings his moves directly to you through his YouTube channel, MihranTV. His channel has dance tutorials, behind-the-scenes glimpses, and a massive following of over 2.60 million subscribers.

Learn Mihran’s Choreography on Dance Teacher Web

Dance teachers, get ready to level up your classes. Mihran Kirakosian shares his expertise with you on the Dance Teacher Web. If you haven't already, now is the perfect time to explore his classes and see what this choreographer can bring to your studio. Do you want to challenge your advanced students? His Advanced Hip Hop Master Class is the class for that. If you teach beginners, his Beginner Hip Hop Master Class  is the perfect place to start. 
If you want to spice things up, check out his choreography breakdowns and fun tutorials like the Hip Hop Jam to Dance MonkeyFun Hip Hop Hat Tricks, and Hip HopJam to Rock Your Body.

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