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Lacey Schwimmer

Explore the extraordinary journey of Lacey Schwimmer, a dance prodigy whose passion and talent have made her a beacon of inspiration in the dance community.

The Inspirational Journey of Lacey Schwimmer: A Dance Prodigy

Lacey Schwimmer, a renowned name in the world of dance, has become a source of inspiration for budding artists. Her remarkable journey, filled with numerous accolades and noteworthy performances, is a testament to her dedication, talent, and passion for dance. This article will delve into her early days, her family background, and the milestones she achieved along her journey.

The Dancing DNA: A Family Affair

Lacey's journey in the dance world was influenced by her family's deep-rooted connection with the art form. Buddy Schwimmer, her father, is credited with the creation of the "nightclub two-step," a highly popular modern social dance style established in the late 1960s. Her mother, Laurie, is a classically trained ballerina, and her brother, Benji, emerged as the winner of the second season of "So You Think You Can Dance." Being born into such a talented family, dancing was an inevitable part of Lacey's early life.

The Early Days: A Star Is Born

From a young age, Lacey exhibited exceptional talent for dance. At just ten years old, she won her first United States Swing Dance title, paving her way into the competitive dance scene. This initial success was a stepping stone towards her becoming the World Swing Dance Champion and the United States Youth Latin Champion, ranking her 42nd in the world for International Latin dancing.

Television Breakthrough: Dancing with the Stars

Lacey's breakthrough came when she participated in the third season of Fox's "So You Think You Can Dance", where she managed to achieve 4th place. This marked the beginning of her recognition on a national level. Her success on the show led her to ABC's "Dancing With The Stars", where she became a professional dancer for six consecutive seasons, showcasing her diverse dance skills and charismatic personality.

Choreography & Artistic Direction: The Creative Genius

Apart from her success as a dancer, Lacey has been applauded for her choreography and artistic direction. She has worked with globally recognized shows like "Dancing With The Stars," "Strictly Come Dancing," and "So You Think You Can Dance." Her creative genius extends to stage shows such as "Frankie Moreno LIVE," "Frankie Moreno Under The Influence," "Legends in Concert," and "Pin Up" featuring playmate Claire Sinclair.

The Dance Center: Nurturing Future Talents

In addition to her performance and choreography career, Lacey co-directs The Dance Center, a competitive dance studio in Redlands, California, along with her family. The Dance Center is known for producing award-winning dance pieces in various genres, from Contemporary and Hip Hop to Jazz, Latin, Swing, and Ballroom.

Spreading the Love for Dance

Lacey's passion for dance extends beyond performance and choreography. She is dedicated to spreading proper ballroom dance education globally, training dance teachers through her unique method, The Lacey Schwimmer Method. This initiative signifies her commitment to nurturing the next generation of dancers.

Dance Lessons with Lacey Schwimmer: Teaching the World to Move

Leveraging the power of the digital age and her vast knowledge of various dance styles, Lacey has taken to DanceTeacherWeb to share her expertise with a broader audience. She has a series of dance tutorials where she breaks down choreography to make complex dance styles approachable to dance enthusiasts worldwide across varied levels of proficiency.

Intermediate Latin Jazz Combination

In herIntermediate Latin Jazz tutorial, Lacey dives into the intricacies of blending Latin dance styles with jazz elements. This uniquely crafted lesson empowers dancers to explore the fusion of these diverse genres.

How to Batucada

In the Batucada tutorial, Lacey dispels the complexities of the Brazilian samba dance style 'Batucada', popular for its fast-paced and lively rhythms. Lacey helps dancers comprehend and master this energetic dance style step-by-step.

Latin Ballroom Basics

Through her Latin Ballroom Basics class, Lacey's teaching establishes a solid foundation for anyone seeking to venture into the world of Latin Ballroom dance. By emphasizing basic steps and movements, Lacey gives learners the confidence to explore the dance style further.

Advanced Swing Combination

In the Advanced Swing Combination class, Lacey shares her experiences and knowledge as a World Swing Dance Champion, teaching advanced-level combinations to aspiring swing dancers.

Beginner Swing Jazz Combination

And not forgetting the beginners, Lacey also has a Beginner Swing Jazz Combination tutorial. This tutorial breaks down basic swing and jazz moves to their most approachable forms, embracing novices into the thrilling world of dance.

With these comprehensive and accessible tutorials, Lacey continues to share her love for dance with others, making dance styles accessible to all who desire to learn, reminding us that anybody, regardless of their experience, can enjoy the exhilarating world of dance.

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