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Julie Kay Stallcup

 Explore the remarkable journey of Julie Kay Stallcup, a nationally acclaimed dance educator devoted to nurturing aspiring dancers.

Julie Kay Stallcup: An Inspirational Journey in Dance Education

Julie Kay Stallcup is a name that resonates with dedication, innovation, and passion within the dance education industry. Having made her mark as a nationally recognized dance teacher, this stalwart continues to inspire and mentor budding dancers and dance educators around the country.

The Journey Begins

Julie's journey in dance began as a performer, enthralling audiences with her captivating performances. She was a Las Vegas showgirl at the Stratosphere Hotel & Casino, a magician’s assistant with the Kirby Van Burch Magic Show in Branson, Missouri, and a member of the American Basketball Association’s dance team. These experiences honed her talent and laid the foundation for her successful career as a dance educator.

Revolution Dance Center: An Epitome of Excellence

In 2006, Julie, along with her husband Darrell, co-founded the Revolution Dance Center (RDC). Over fifteen years, they built a remarkable team of faculty and staff committed to nurturing dancers and advancing the art of dance. The RDC became a nurturing ground for many young dancers, some of whom have gone on to make names for themselves in Broadway, television, film, and the music industry.

Dedication to Dance Education

Julie's dedication to dance education extends beyond the boundaries of her dance studio. She is a certified life coach and offers invaluable guidance in both personal and business matters. Her educational programs, including the JULIE KAY MASTERMIND LLC, cater to teachers, studio owners, and businesses alike, providing them with the necessary tools to succeed in their respective fields.

A New Chapter: The Move to Arkansas

In 2020, Julie and her family decided to sell the studio and move back to her hometown in Arkansas. They continue their commitment to dance education with their new venture, JULIE KAY MASTERMIND LLC.

Making a Difference: Social Initiatives

Julie's commitment to making a difference is evident in her many service projects. One such initiative is "ican" of Arkansas, a program that teaches dance to differently-abled dancers. In addition, the Stallcup family is known for their volunteer work at the Ronald McDonald House, where they help feed hundreds of families every month.

Seminars and Keynote Addresses

Julie's seminars and keynote addresses at dance conventions and conferences are always in high demand. Her dynamic personality and innovative teaching methods spark new inspiration in teachers, making her a favorite among her peers.

Recognition and Affiliations

Julie's contributions to dance education have earned her recognition and affiliations with prominent organizations. She serves on the boards of the United Dance Merchants of America, Ronald McDonald House Charities, and the Arkansas Dance Network. She is also a member of SAG/AFTRA an organization of media professionals with over 160,000 members worldwide.

Expanding Horizons: Julie Kay Stallcup's Tutorial Videos on DanceTeacherWeb

In addition to her already impressive contributions to the world of dance education, Julie Kay Stallcup has further extended her influence through a series of tutorial videos on DanceTeacherWeb. These tutorials cater to a wide audience, from young beginners to more seasoned dancers, demonstrating her versatile teaching methods and innovative approaches to dance. Below is an overview of Julie's must-watch tutorials:

Mastering Rhythm for the Youngest Dancers

This video offers unique strategies for introducing rhythm to toddlers. Julie's gentle and fun approach ensures that the youngest dancers not only grasp the concept of rhythm but also develop a love for dance early on. Watch here

Engaging Tweens and Teens

Addressing the challenges of keeping tweens and teens motivated, this masterclass focuses on techniques to captivate and maintain their interest in dance. Julie's experience shines through her engagement strategies tailored for this age group. Watch here

Early Childhood Dance Education

Julie shares her expert insight on nurturing pre-school aged dancers. This tutorial underscores the importance of fostering a love for dance while instilling foundational skills in our youngest performers.Watch here

Perfecting Across the Floor Movements

An often challenging aspect of dance training, mastering "across the floor" techniques, is demystified in this masterclass. Julie offers practical advice and exercises to improve fluidity and precision.Watch here

Foundation in Tap: The Art of Shuffles

Specializing in tap, this tutorial is a treasure trove for anyone looking to introduce the basics of tap dance. Julie breaks down the mechanics of shuffles, making it accessible for beginners to grasp and excel in. Watch here

These tutorial videos on DanceTeacherWeb not only capture Julie Kay Stallcup's comprehensive and compassionate teaching style but also serve as an invaluable resource for dance teachers seeking to refine their craft and inspire their students. Through these tutorials, Julie continues to leave an indelible mark on the dance education community, one step at a time.

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