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Aaron Turner

 Learn more about Aaron Turner, from diverse training to making history on "So You Think You Can Dance" as a tap dancer.

Aaron Turner: Tap Dance Legend

Aaron's journey into the world of dance started at the tender age of 8. His early years were marked by exposure to many different dance forms, from ballet and tap to jazz, modern, contemporary, and hip-hop. This diverse training laid a strong foundation for his future career, helping him develop a comprehensive understanding of movement and rhythm.

Formal Training & Dance Education

Aaron's dance education spanned over a staggering 13 years, during which he honed his skills in various dance forms. Around the same time, he also co-owned a digital recording studio with his father. This venture into the music industry further complemented his dance education, allowing him to understand the nuances of rhythm and melody.

His thirst for knowledge didn't stop at dance and music. Aaron completed his degree in Business of Music Management from the University of Nevada, which he supplemented with a minor in Entrepreneurialism. This blend of creative and business acumen set the stage for his future endeavors.

So You Think You Can Dance Contestant

Aaron's journey to fame began with his audition for the ninth season of the popular dance reality show, "So You Think You Can Dance" (SYTYCD). Although he made it to the final round of auditions, known as the Green Mile, he was unfortunately cut from the show.

Despite the initial setback, Aaron's spirit remained unbroken. He auditioned once again for the tenth season of SYTYCD. He was initially cut, but destiny had other plans. Following the withdrawal of another contestant, Emilio Dosal, Aaron was offered a spot in the Top 20.

Achievements on SYTYCD

Aaron's journey on SYTYCD was marked by several noteworthy performances. He showcased his versatility by performing in a variety of dance styles, ranging from jazz and Broadway to hip-hop and contemporary. His performances were lauded by the judges, and he quickly became a fan favorite.

Making History with Tap Dance

Aaron's participation in SYTYCD was pivotal for the tap dance community. He became the first tap dancer to secure a spot in the show's Top 10. His journey didn't stop there, as he went on to become the first tap dancer in SYTYCD history to make it to the finale. 

Because of that, he has then started offering tap dance classes such as beginner to intermediate tap dance combo classes and advanced tap combination classes.

Season Ten Runner-Up

Although Aaron didn't win the title, he was declared the runner-up of SYTYCD Season 10. This achievement was a testament to his talent, hard work, and passion for dance. Post-SYTYCD, Aaron continued to contribute to the dance community in various ways.

Dance Philosophy & Teaching Approach

Aaron's teaching philosophy revolves around the idea of balancing fun with passion. He believes in inspiring his students to let their passion drive them, all while ensuring that they enjoy the process. His classes and dance tutorials, such as the standard vs. syncopation shuffle, the cramp roll variations, and theparadiddles, are marked by his infectious energy and deep love for dance.

Contributions to the Dance Community

Post-SYTYCD, Aaron Turner has dedicated his time and energy to educating the next generation of dancers. He currently serves as the rehearsal and co-artistic director for the Nevada Youth Dance Company. He continues to inspire and educate young dancers, helping them harness their passion for dance.

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