Each and every dance studio has an identity. Do you know yours? Sounds simple enough but many business know the over view of what they do but to build your brand and make yourself unique you will need to go one step further.

Here are some key points to explore building your brand.

1. What is your specialty? This is a simple question but it is very important for you and all of your team to understand exactly what it is.

2. What makes you different? You may want to ask some of your best customers this question to help get a grasp on what they love about you and what differentiates you from other schools

3. What is it that someone that does not know your school should know about you when deciding where their child should take lessons? This is a big key and once you know what it is you need to promote this needs to be included in everything you do

4. Why should anyone care? Don't forget that your brand building should include a benefit for the potential and current customer. Don't think of it as a sales pitch, just make it about how coming to your school will enhance their lives.

Here are some tips to explore as well.

How long have you been in business? Businesses with a long track record need to let everyone know how long they have been around. A long track record is part of your brand. If you have been doing it long enough you must be doing something right!

What qualifications do you have? You are the face of your business! If you have certain degrees or dance teacher qualifications make them known in your brand building objectives.

Do you have a unique facility? If you are like most studio owners you have spent a good deal of money building out your space. What unique features do you offer? If you have something no one else has, build it into your brand messages

Do you have a slogan that captures your brand? If not it is time to create one. You can get help from you staff, faculty and maybe even your best customers. In twelve words or less have them describe your studio. Our slogan is "Fostering success in the arts, at school and in life!" What it needs to do is describe what you want people to know about your school!

Here are some other ideas for slogans:

"Your kids, unplugged!"

"Where the magic happens every single day!"

"More than just a dance studio!"

"Let us make your dreams come true"

These are just a few ideas to help get your creative juices flowing. Getting the right slogan is very important to building your brand awareness. Already have one but would like to change it up a bit? No problem, just do it! Every now and again I think it is a good idea to tinker with your slogan especially if you think it is a bit stale or out of date

Ok there you have it! Building your brand is a fun exercise to work on. Once you know more about what your studio is all about then you can start to build it into your marketing message. Put it on your cards, post it at your studio and include it in every email you send out.

Keep in mind that the brand will be part of the benefit that the customer will get from doing business with you but don't create something just because you think the customer wants to hear it. Make it something that is a core value in your business that you know you can deliver!