Think about this; On any given day, from the moment you wake up until the moment you rest your head back on your pillow, the process you find yourself going through is really nothing more than situations that present themselves to you by way of a series of choices. While one could argue that all the situations that present themselves to you have something to do with your own creative manifestation process, what is clear is that how you react to the choices presented to you makes a profound difference in the outcome of any particular situation.

So how do you react when a flood of situations cascade your way that you and only you can decide the outcome of? Does that incite fear or panic within you or are you OK with the process knowing that you are the one that carries the responsibility for various outcomes? Is it all about making the right decision or is it more about making the decision that you, deep within your soul, know is the way to go? How about the outcome of a situation that you've decided upon? What happens if the choice you made might appear to have been the wrong one? How do you react then?

As a dance studio owner I'm sure that there are times when you feel as if you are up against the wall when it comes to having to decide which way to go in various situations. The world seems to all but hold its collective breath depending on how you maneuver in and out of various situations during your work week. So here's the secret to it all; Don't judge yourself or get attached to any particular emotion when it comes to making decisions. You'll never know if something was right or wrong according to your decree unless you move forward with it. Moving forward with it is what it's all about. In moving forward, did you make the right decision? Time will tell. The important thing is that you didn't let the choice you made stop you dead in your tracks. We're human beings which means we can take liberty with making what appear to be mistakes. That's how we learn. Maybe there was a reason why a certain mistake had to be made. It was a part of the journey. Why should mistakes be looked at as something negative? They can be profound gifts in disguise. Be confident in the decision you make, right or wrong. You had the courage to take a step forward into the great unknown. You gotta put yourself out there to be able to get something back and that's what you just did, end of story. There is no right or wrong in that type of movement.

When you have a difficult choice before you, go with what you feel in your heart. As a studio owner you are a leader. No leader is perfect. Leading, like anything in life, is a process. It's a journey, not a destination. Any journey implies that there's a wonderful learning process involved along the way.

The fine art of choice is just that, a fine art. Art is neither right nor wrong, it just IS, right? So when you are faced with having to make a ton of decisions today, just do it. You can always make corrections along the way to get yourself and your studio back on the path. The world will not end in the process. Make choices without any emotional attachment. Feel confident and positive and you'll get back what you put into it...and more! Without you there's no studio. You were meant to be doing exactly what you are doing with your life. Move forward knowing that choices and decisions help you take the next big step in the evolution of your day...right or wrong!