What is value? Stop and think about that for a few minutes. What does it mean to you?  Turns out that one question... "What is value?"... Can take you down some very interesting paths. In the dance studio business, most people think it begins and ends with teaching lessons where students learn and have fun. That is a big part of it but, what does your customer perceive that value to be? How can you increase the value of what you do so that your customer wouldn’t even consider going elsewhere?

The key is not what value it has to you, and if you are like most teachers you know how valuable learning to dance will be for the student. But what the value your customers place on what you do. Have you ever given someone free lessons because of financial issues a family is having, only to have them turn on you? It’s simple, they didn’t value what you gave them. I know that is a bit hard to swallow but it is true. How about the mom who comes into your studio to ask for a scholarship or discount only to drive away in a BMW or Mercedes! If they can afford a high end car, they can afford dance lessons. The difference is the value placed on what they are buying.


When you look deeper into what value is through the eyes of your customers, you will get some very interesting results. It also turns out that the shortest way to "success" is by creating a lot of value in other people's lives.


That's the big hidden "secret"... it isn't about beating your competition or getting a top ranking in the search engine, it isn't about social media, it isn't about some magic selling trick.



It's about creating value.



You want to make an impact, make more money, and build a business?



The answer is simple - add more value to other people's lives.



And the good news is that teaching dance and all of the wonderful benefits that are the byproducts of dance training, can and will be very valuable to children and that is BIG difference maker, especially in today’s society. Keep educating your clients on what you do, how your school is different and how much they are getting from your classes. Think about Lexus cars, their commercials keep reinforcing how their cars will do this or that for you as well as improve the buyer’s status. They are not just pitching to new customers but the ones they already have. 


Ways to add value to what you do!


1.   Consider the whole process of registration. How can you stream line what you do. Is there a way to expedite the process?


2.    Building in a lot of free customer events. 


3.   Keep in contact with your customers. This is the single biggest reason why people will keep doing business. They don’t care about how much you know until they know how much you care!


4.   Offer special promotions to your current customers


5.   Think outside the box on how you can offer different classes.  Daddy and me, musical theater class with vocal training included, ethnic dance and anything else you can think of.


6.   What do your customers value most? Find this out. Find a need, fill a need! I recommend that you do a survey to see what it is that they want.


7.    Get your entire staff and faculty on board. If everyone who is part of your team buys into your vision and are in tune to your customers needs. This will be a powerful force.


8.   Find the best way to present your costumes for pick up by your customers. Buy inexpensive garment bags with your logo printed on them for added value