As Thanksgiving and the holidays approach us, it is a great time to sit and reflect on all the things in life that matter most. In a world of uncertainty, getting up everyday to breathe the air we breathe and do what we love day in and day out, surrounded by our loved ones, is certainly cause to celebrate. It's also a great time to pause and give thanks for all the abundance that we are granted.

While everyday life and stress get in the way of seeing the big picture some days, it's understandable to forget to, "stop and smell the roses." It's easy for the worry and anxiety to take hold when we are worrying about our studio, our students, our families and ourselves. It's easy to get swept away in the concern that we are losing a student, or how we are going to pay that next bill or how there is enough time in the day to get everything done AND be present for the important things and people that matter.

But now is the time. Now is the a perfect time to stop and think of all the amazingly wonderful aspects of our lives that we do have. The fact that we are here and healthy is nothing to scoff at. In fact it's everything. Because with that, anything and everything is possible. Tides will change and we are here to roll with them, with every ebb and flow. Think about all the amazing students we have and how we offer the gift and joy of dance to every single one and posssibly change lives. Think about how your students change your life as well. While we all face struggles and unbearable days, keep your eyes on the big picture. Don't forget the fortune and love that always surrounds you. It will keep you going not only this Thanksgiving, but all year through.

Now is also an ideal time to have your dancers think about the same thing. Creating a gratitude wall is a wonderful visual example during the holiday season where students, faculty and parents can stop and view what our young ones are grateful for themselves. It's never to early for them to stop and reflect  and all it takes is a post-it note and a pen.

We here at Dance Teacher Web are also thankkful for you. Thank you for letting us share a piece of ourselves with you. We hope that we continue to spread knowledge and inspiration and positivity to all of our peers and cherish each one of you this holiday season and the whole year through. We hope we can all continue to pay it forward and spread that love and forever remain grateful for all we do have.

So, this Thanksgiving- pause. Breathe. Give thanks. Hold your loved ones close and be inspired by the abundance that surrounds you. Being a dance teacher and a studio owner is a gift and we are certainly all blessed!

We are grateful for all of you!

Have a beautiful Thanksgiving.

THe DTW Family


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