For dance teachers who teach Ballet we offer a wide variety of videos and articles from pre-school level to advanced all designed to keep you current with the latest techniques using different styles suitable for all age groups and levels. Looking for some new ideas for your pre-school dancers? Or perhaps you need some different material for barre work and center practice. Simply enter what you are looking for and the search engine will show you all the available material. The videos of barre work, pointe, variations for adage, petit allegro, pirouettes, across the floor and grande allegro show an amazing variety of combinations that will keep your Ballet classes interesting and exciting.

The “How To” section offers ideas on how to create a well balanced barre, ways to help your students increase their strength and stretch. Exercises to improve port de bras and help your students to do beats efficiently, ideas on how to improve your dancer’s arabesques and leaps. Pointe exercises designed to improve flexibility and ankle strength just to name a few of the benefits of the “How To” section. These diverse videos show time tested techniques as well as revolutionary ideas on how to get the best out of your Ballet students. All presented by our team of Master Teachers.
Articles to help you manage your classes, create lesson plans and give you answers to questions you may have about teaching or just simply to keep you motivated are always being updated and as a member of Dance Teacher Web you have hundreds of articles available to you to help you to continue to learn and create great class content and choreography for your students. The key to being a successful teacher is to continue to learn. Our articles are updated each month and are written exclusively for our members by our faculty of Master Teachers.

Dance Teacher Web offers you the opportunity to connect with Ballet teachers from around the world to help to bring the best of Ballet to your students. Access the vast library of videos and articles at any moment to help propel you and your students to the next level.


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