Everyone here at the Dance Teacher Web Family would like to pause for a second and take the opportunity to thank you all for another wonderful and innovative year. It has been an eventful one for us and we’re sure it has been for you too! It’s not hard to believe another full year has gone by so quickly. Every year though, time seems to go by faster and faster. With that, we have all grown with the changes that have come our way, adapted to new circumstances and persevered through obstacles. It is the time of year however, when we should all be able to take a breath for a moment, slow down and enjoy the fruits of our labor and remember why we do what we do.

As dance teachers and studio owners we are always on the go; sometimes forgetting to allow ourselves a period of respite. It is the season of giving and doing one for others, so we’d like to say thank you to all of you, who do this day in and day out all year through. Your students couldn’t do it without you. This season, allow yourself to just STOP for a moment and take a look at all you have achieved and provide for others and how you’ve affected all these dancers lives. Enjoy. Take a moment to smile and feel grateful for all that surrounds you and for all you have accomplished. We all know how precious time is and how quickly it passes. Life will always ebb and flow but is precious and short. Allow this season to be one you truly appreciate and enjoy with your family and loved ones.

May the New Year bring you even more success, happiness and abundance and may your students thrive and achieve all the goals you and your faculty set out for them. We will be thinking of you and are here to celebrate the momentous occasions 2014 has in store for you.

Wishing you all the most wonderful of holidays and the happiest, healthiest of New Years.

Warmest Wishes,

Jessie & Dance Teacher Web Family

See you in the studio.…in 2014! :)