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3 Step Action Plan


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At the end of the day, parents want their children to come back to your studio. They will continue to support you if you give them a reason to do so. Take these three action steps to get things rolling so you can start to move forward and to safeguard yourself, business, faculty staff and customers. Let’s get started!

Action Plan #1

Create three short emails building it on these three subject lines

  1. Subject line: Safety First! The email will give details on what new safety measures you will be adding to your studio
  2. Subject line: Good News! The email will give any and all good news you want to share like when you will have in studio classes, any news about your recital or other new performances. Make good news happen everyone id desperate to hear some good news so be that kind of news service!
  3. Subject line: Important Studio Updates! The email can announce new faculty, new classes, schedule changes and enhancements, master classes and more
  4. Now we want to up the ante, create 3 more emails using these same subject lines but different content inside.  Now you have six emails start sending them our every Tuesday and Thursday for the next three weeks and build excitement and enthusiasm about what you are doing to move forward!

Action Plan #2

At this time, we think it is extremely important to add verbiage to your current waivers to protect yourselves, your faculty and staff and students and their parents.

We suggest adding an additional clause to your current waiver that your customers sign when registering stating that they will not hold the studio, faculty, staff, students or their families responsible for any sickness or viruses contracted while participating in classes or while visiting the studio.

Also, a waiver that states, while participating in virtual lessons or at home dance training videos I agree that the Studio Directors, faculty and staff will not be held responsible for any property damage or injury incurred while taking these said lessons. Check with your attorney.

Action Plan #3

Become a pioneer in the dance teacher industry. Find was to make dance accessible to everyone through both in studio and at home live streaming. You can and should charge the same for either platform. Look into vimeo and youtube for live stream options that are secure and very good for dance and music. Also find ways that you can show your pioneer spirit through continue education for yourself and staff.

So, there you have it. Get started today with this action plan that will help catapult you well into 2021 and beyond

Here’s to your success!

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