Turning On Pointe and Off Pointe with Dolly Kelepecz

Experience Level:

Intermediate Combination


Master Class Video Series



Starting with chainne turns and progressing to pirouettes and all of the basic turns in between. Breaking down the sequence of turns and the technique used to accomplish a clean double, from the spotting of the head to the coordination of the entire body. To be concise, balance, coordination and spotting as well as making sure that your weight distribution is correct.



Dolly Kelepecz

Dolly Kelepecz

Dolly Kelepecz, has been teaching as part of UNLV's part time faculty since 1983. Her first love is teaching ballet and dance. She was a professional dancer but, she now owns pilates studios around the world. She owns pilates studios in Japan, Mexico and soon to open in Korea. Dolly has partnered with Dance Teacher Web to create a cutting edge teacher certification program call Dance Teacher University. For more information visit www.danceteacheruniversity.org. She has published a pilates book that is in it's 3rd printing

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