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“How to Handle Students Who Don’t Like Your Choreography”

As dance teachers we spend countless hours researching music, coming up with creative concepts, figuring out movement, formations and transitions and get excited to set new pieces with our dancers. So what happens when your enthusiasm for a new piece doesn’t inspire your dancers the way it does you? How do you handle dancers who just “aren’t feeling it?”

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Beginner Musical Theater Lesson Plan- Across the Floor

When I am teaching musical theater to beginners, I like to start instilling not only movement quality and technique, but the beginning nuances of style and musicality as well. If we remember, musical theater is a genre which incorporates many parts of the technique, including the above mentioned, in addition to characterization and understanding of how book, score and choreography all seamlessly work together. So, when gibing your young dancers an across the floor technique combo make sure to highlight these important factors where they begin to understand performance is just as important as the movement itself....


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Teaching Creative Movement Reminders

Those with the calling, talent & patience to teach dance to toddlers will tell you it requires a skill set all its own. A special, dedicated subgroup of dance teachers, the knowledge and training necessary to teach these littles while creating a fun experience takes some thought and careful planning. Remembering this is a crucial developmental time, the five tips below will help get you started and also be a reminder that you are extremely essential to this fundamental time in dance training and child development....

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