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Please Don't Bypass Technique Warm-up, Change it up Instead!

Technique is the most crucial aspect of any dance class, we all know that. It is the fundamental foundation of dance which propels a dancers growth, increases flexibility, enhances strength and teaches them essentially, “how to dance.” If our dancers are with us long enough, they learn our warm-ups and often know them backwards and forwards without us doing it alongside them. This is great because it affords the dance teacher more time observe to give and make tactile corrections, but it can also have the potential for dancers to go on auto-pilot and check out; especially if they are not being mindful of every single plie and tendu they are putting forth....

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Redefining the Term, "Effort" in Dance Class

One of my biggest pet peeves as a dance teacher is when I see students go “half-at” things; particularly dancers with talent and facility. I often sit back and think to myself, did I ever give off this kind of blasé attitude when I was training? No. I didn’t. 100%, without a doubt, no. I wouldn’t have even thought of it. It never even crossed my mind to lean on the barre, not be dressed properly for class, sit down, yawn without covering my mouth, talk or intimate a combination by marking the turns or any other movement for that matter. I also certainly never rolled my eyes or so much as lifted an eyebrow because something being demonstrated was challenging....

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