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Acro vs Gymnastics – Is There a Difference?

This a question we encounter often and the answer is: YES there is a difference, a very BIG difference!

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Beginner Pointe Lesson Plan

Check out this great beginner lesson plan for your first year pointe students by Angela D'Valda Sirico

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Enhancing Your Jazz Curriculum

When lesson planning for any class, there are infinite avenues a teacher can take to teach the genre effectively. Jazz itself, in nature, is one of those idioms where teaching the technique correctly should also be compounded with other important ‘lessons within those lessons’ to create a well-rounded dancer and performer. With influences from many other dance areas, there are endless things to teach your students when building vernacular and jazz movement profile..

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“It’s all in the details: The lost art of being specific”

It seems nowadays especially, so many things get generalized, glossed over, breezed by and given half-hearted attention to. We glimpse, we glance, we mark, we coast and this effect trickles down to our dancers. What happened to attention to detail? What happened to specificity? Clarity? Intricacy? Painstaking accuracy? These values are slipping away faster than we realize and what was maybe just an oversight is now becoming trend. Unfortunately, this is the fast paced world we live in where people prefer ten things done at 60% vs. one thing done at 100%.

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