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Beginner Jazz Technique Lesson Plan

Having a lesson plan for every class you teach will give you a roadmap to make sure you are covering all the technique you want your students to learn. We have found that each class needs to have a natural progression. Each time the students learn one step it should go towards being part of a building block.

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Tips On Improving Communication With Your Students

Ever demonstrate a routine and then wonder why students have issues catching on? What's the first thing you think when so many eyes look back at you with blank stares? The most common thing to do is internalize it. "Darn it, it's me-it's gotta be me. Something's off with my teaching style. My fault, I just know it's my fault!"

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Acrobatic Lesson Plan

Dance Teacher Web is proud to partner with Acrobatique to present great content for your acro program. Here is a terrific acrobatic lesson plan for your beginner young students presented by Acrobatique. Each month new content will be presented!

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The Importance of Performing in Class

Let’s be honest. We all have students who, in class, execute movement with ability, are focused enough to demonstrate they are retaining information and seem to comprehend the lessons being taught. They move well, show promising physical agility, travel across the floor deftly, pick up choreography, take correction (and even sometimes apply it,) show progress from week to week and dance center combinations with ease.

So what’s the issue, right? Well, what happens when that exact student is about as interesting to watch in class as watching paint dry? Imagine all of the above occurring week in and week out with no expression, no emotion and no sense of connecting to anything other than regurgitating the steps presented in front of them. Imagine your rehearsals running the same way. Numbers are clean enough, everyone knows their blocking, entrances and exits, partnering and transitions, but the emotional connection is void. How is a teacher supposed to trust that the performance element is being given the same consideration?.....

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