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How Costuming Enhances Performance interview with Costume Designer Poochie Malloy

Costuming is an integral part of dance which goes hand in hand with choreography and the overall vision. The “look” of a piece can enhance the movement quality as well; highlighting the dancers and the energy the choreography exudes. In a studio setting, it would be a dream if we had endless resources to costume as we wished. But, while none of us have a limitless budget, the following are ideas and tips from costume mistress Poochie Malloy at the D’valda & Sirico Dance & Music Centre on how to costume on a budget and still set your dancers apart while performing.


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Intermediate Modern Lesson Plan

Enjoy this month's featured article as Jessica Rizzo-Stafford offers an approachable intermediate modern lesson plan for all. Read ahead for more!

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Intermediate Musical Theater Lesson Plan

Center Warmup

THis month I'm sharing a version of my intermediate musical theatre warmup. It’s always important to remember to include a solid technical warmup which progresses form your beginning level fundamentals. It is also important to include stylistic, cardiovascular and performance elements into your class. This will continue to build a dancer’s technique and theatre jazz vernacular and while building strength, flexibility and performance chops!......

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Building Our Dancers Up for Ultimate Success

There are times when we are in the studio teaching and progress seems to be at a halt, our dancers’ focus is lacking, the passion and spirit we want to see is dwindling and the frustration of it all can start to take a toll. What we sometimes forget when in the midst of all this, is that while it sometimes becomes habit to critique and make corrections because it’s part of our job, pausing to remind students what they are doing right vs. what they are doing not so right can go a long way.

We are not only dance teachers but mentors who are there to inspire and motivate. But, we are also human and when we are faced with lack of commitment or progress or desire day after day, it’s easy to get off track. Now, while we are not there to be miracle workers, the notion to pause and recognize a dancer for something they did really well in class can go further than you think. Sometimes it takes that one comment to ignite their own self-motivation and confidence.....

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Advice for Male Dancers from Desmond Richardson

Exciting interview by DanceInforma Founder and Chief Editor Deborah Searle

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Beginner Modern Lesson Plan

You’ve asked and we’re here to help! This month I’m sharing a sampling of my beginner modern lesson plan for those of you that are interested in adding modern technique to your curriculum. Remember, this is a template to get your started where you can add progressions, make edits and infuse the lesson plan with your own ideas and creative inspirations. Check back as I will also be adding intermediate and advanced lesson plans as well in the upcoming months. Good luck!.....

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Here's What to Do When Good Students Go Bad!

You walk into the studio feeling happy and excited to teach because you know that this class has some really good students who are going to be eager and ready to listen to every word that comes out of your mouth, the student who has the most talent and who is always ready and willing to try anything that you ask them to do typically gives you a welcoming smile when you enter the room and this is a class that you really enjoy teaching.

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Teaching Vocabulary To Your Students

Most of our students take classes with us because they love to dance, they enjoy the camaraderie that is possible with their fellow dancers and they just want to move! A large majority of them never look at a Ballet dictionary and a lot of them really know little to none of dance terminology.

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Beginner Musical Theatre Lesson Plan

Here is a beginner musical theatre warmup. It’s always important to remember to include a solid technical warmup as well as stylistic, cardiovascular and performance elements into your class. This will create a well-rounded foundation and get your students introduced to the basic elements of theatre jazz while building strength, flexibility and technique!

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The Success Blueprint For The Dance Teacher

One more exciting excerpt from the highly acclaimed book by Steve Sirico, Angela D'Valda Sirico and Robert Landau. Get your copy at

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Choreographing for Students With Limited Technique

It’s always inspirational as choreographers to walk into rehearsal and feel confident you have dancers who are both technically and artistically mature enough to handle the material you are about to give them. What excites us more is having those able bodies execute our vision as we see it and are limitless to the complexity of the movement we can give them.

On the flip side, as teachers and choreographers, we are also presented with dancers at times who are not as technically advanced, who are beginners or are at the studio for recreational purposes only. Yet, each dancer still deserves the same experience of having a dance set on them they feel good about performing and look forward to........

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How To Get The Most Out Of Your Students And Yourself!

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Lesson Planning For Your Special Needs Dancers

Teachers, at some point in your teaching career you will come across dancers with special needs; whether it is associated with Autism, ADHD, ADD, Bipolar Disorder, social-behavioral or emotional issues, etc.

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