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Walking Before You Can Fly: Teaching Dancers the Value of the Journey

As years pass, we see how each generation of dancers change. In particular, there has been a trend for a while now which I’m sure you have observed too, especially with your younger ones. In many of my own classes, dancers are eagerly asking, “Can we add on now?” While part of me wants to say, “Uh, no…I just gave you three counts of 8 which you can’t even remember and you want to go on?” I have to reign myself in sometimes to consider where this need for instant gratification comes from. First of all, we should take it as a compliment that the dancers are so excited and like their choreography so much they just want to go full steam ahead. We are the ones, however, who need to help them understand that while this “zest for learning” is admirable, there is a necessary pace one needs to travel at in order to ensure proper training and understanding in all capacities.........

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Giving Your Students the Tools to Overcome Stage Fright

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