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Musical Theatre for Preteen Series: PART III: Helpful Hints & Suggested Music Choices

Welcome to our last article in our musical theatre for preteen series! Hopefully you have found some great ways to adapt the information to best showcase and train your students! In this article I’d like to wrap up with some helpful hints to teaching the musical theatre genre which have helped me over the years and provided great results for my own dancers! The main thing I believe is to remember to always set works which your students will become engaged with, challenge them and make them knowledgeable about musical theatre history!

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Q & A With Angela DValda Sirico

Q.  How can I improve my student’s technique?

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Testing Your Students Knowledge

How valuable is it to test your students to find out exactly how much they have absorbed?

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5 Tips That Create Radiant Skin For The Teacher Or Student!

Winter means shorter days and longer nights in twinkling lights!  Whether you’re in low light, candlelight or the spotlight it’s time to highlight and these tips will make sure you or your students look dazzling!

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Empowering Your Dancers To Perform

In these days of computers and cell phones, teens very often struggle with face to face communication. This can be a problem in daily life but it becomes magnified when communicating with an audience is called for. The time that teens actually have to interact is far more limited nowadays and sometimes makes it more of a problem when it comes to something like dance. Dance almost forces you to not only communicate but also to bare your soul to an audience. It is so much easier to communicate with someone typing messages into a computer or cell phone and when it comes down to it; texting is the way that teenagers prefer to communicate.

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