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If You Lead...They Will Follow

 This article is an excerpt from the upcoming book for teachers called: It's Your Turn! The Success Blueprint For The Dance Teacher.  Get your copy by clicking here

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Success Basics Everyone Needs to Know: Seek Advice Properly

As a dance teacher, people are always willing to give you advice on all kinds of matters. They will give you advice on who to teach for, what to teach and how to fix a problem you may be having. The world is full of people willing to give unsolicited advice. Sadly, there are almost as many people willing to take that advice, without taking the time to do it correctly. Even though people ask for it, ironically, most people feel advice is worth what it costs - nothing. This is probably true in most cases.

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A Fresh Start!

It's that time again, yet another year has passed. While the mere mention of this can throw ordinary mortals into deep bouts of depression, there's really no need to even go anywhere near there. Why? As a teacher, the passing of another year can be a true gift. How so? As the old year passes and the New Year begins, you have the opportunity to wipe the slate clean so to speak. You can keep what worked for you during the past year and what didn't work; you can choose not to bring forward with you into the New Year.

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