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The Use of Breathing in Dance

Dancers are always so consumed with movement that very often they completely forget to take deep breaths when they are dancing. It is common for dance students to become red in the face, short of breath and easily fatigued all symptoms that can be caused by the lack of good oxygen intake.

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When Is It Appropriate For Dancers To Go On Pointe?

Ballet teachers are faced with the dilemma each year as to which of their dancers are ready to go on pointe. There are always the pressures of both students and their parents pushing their teachers to let them go on pointe. It is a great responsibility and it is very important to make the correct decision for any classical student as to when and if a student should be put on pointe. Really the decision can only be made according to the level of the student’s skill, age and physical development and mental strength. The teacher’s assessment of the student should be the defining answer, no pressure from student or parent should affect the teacher’s decision. Dancing on Pointe is difficult and permanent damage can be done to the feet, ankles, knees, hips and back if a dancer is not ready or physically inappropriate to dance on Pointe. Of course, many a young dancer has the dream or vision of being on Pointe, the professionals make it look effortless and beautiful; but it is a long road to get to that level. The reality is that some dancers will never be suitable for Pointe work. Of course young dancers who look upon going on Pointe as a promotion or status symbol are disappointed if it is not their time, but it is definitely worth that bit of disappointment to keep the dancer away from unnecessary injury and suffering.

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Nutcracker Makeup Tips

Tis the season for Christmas Holiday shows and of course the most popular of all, the Nutcracker, will be presented by studios across the country. In many cases this will be presented on a large stage and may require a little more facial enhancement than a typical small stage performance.

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A Facilitator of Greatness!

Someone once said that you can't move forward without having a good idea of where you've been. The past can serve as a good foundation for the future. Sometimes we can be so focused on what we want out for our future that we often forget to see where it is that we've come from. Teachers, as you probably well know, are in demand every moment they are on the job. Students have needs, parents have needs and it seems that the whole world needs something from you at any given moment in time. You have to be 'on' the moment you walk into the studio door and hold that energy until you leave after teaching your last class. So let's stop the wheels from turning for just a few moments and have you take a look at a couple of things that I hope you'll find important and worthwhile.

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