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How To Avoid Burnout!

As a dance teacher, creator and motivator to your class it is imperative that you stay fresh and inspired. The key to this is to know and understand what makes you tick. If you know what gets your creative juices flowing, NOW that summer is over and fall is here it's time to get yourself recharged and reenergized for the season. We encourage you to take the test below. It will help you to understand more about yourself and what you need to keep your classes fresh and exciting.

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The Lesson Within the Lessons

As dance teachers we are clear on our role to teach our students proper technique and performance skills. However, as generations are continually changing, so is the world in which they are growing up in. Perhaps a traditionalist to some extent, it is my belief that certain etiquette, good habits and respect for the dance studio is becoming a lost value within some training programs. Furthermore, while the dance studio is many times a student’s 'home-away-from-home,' we also become example-setters; instilling rules, discipline and boundaries of our own for the welfare of our students. While it is a fine line to be cognizant of what some parents could misconstrue as overstepping their parental rights, it is always important to reassure them and be clear that the studio and teachers’ mission is undoubtedly in the best interest of their children and studio community. In essence, we are helping to not only train the dancer but also produce polite, humble and respectful professionals. In my experience, parents most often come to appreciate this reinforcement of lesson implementation; which they are already trying to instill at home. This consistency and follow-through are always recipes for success.

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Guiding Students Towards Positive Thinking

As dance teachers we are faced each day with not only nurturing our students from a technical aspect but more importantly from a psychological one too. The majority of dance teachers do not hold degrees in psychology and yet we need to help our students, especially the teenage ones with this incredibly important side of their dance training. Even in our discussions with dancers promoting nutritional health very often the psychological side is omitted. Without adequate nurturing in this direction for our young dancers many of them will never be able to realize their true potential as dancers or as professionals in whatever field they choose to work in.

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