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Back In Session: Starting On The Right Foot To A New Studio Season!

With the summer of 2010 now behind us, it’s now time for dance teachers and studio owners to rev up for the new season. From personal experience, the fall always seems to be the time of year when my energy and creativity is at its peak and I can’t wait to get into the studio to see what the new year has in store! There are so many things we as teachers and studio directors can do to ignite that enthusiasm within our students to get them off on the right foot, putting everyone on the same page from Day #1. Success and progress is most easily achieved when students can take note of teachers’ obvious preparedness, eagerness to be in the studio teaching, creativity and commitment to ensure the progress of each individual dancer. This usually has a contagious effect on the whole environment and sets a wonderful tone running throughout the studio!

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Discipline And The Dancer

Dance in itself is a discipline simply because in order to learn and master technique and steps, it is necessary to discipline the mind and the body to be able to control the necessary movements and thoughts. Discipline in dance has radically changed in the past 20 years and, I would venture to say, in the past 5 years in particular. To what can we attribute these changes? The world as a whole has relaxed their interpretation of what discipline is and how much of it is necessary to function day to day. Parents are busy working and are much more lax with their definitions of discipline to their children. Although we live in a society where excellence is desirable, children are, more and more often, not held accountable for their actions and so here we are, dance teachers trying to teach children to not only dance, but also to have respect for themselves and everyone around them. It is not an easy task and can be extremely tiresome at times, but when we succeed it can give us a great sense of accomplishment.

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How To Use Natural Healing For Body, Mind and Studio.


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A New Season, A New You!

As we embark on a new season this is always an exciting time of year. It is however a bit of a stressful time as well.  Getting ready for new classes, finding or creating new material and getting to know new students can create stress. Stress in turn can kill your creativity and energy before you even begin. I have heard from a many of teachers who feel drained, burnt out and tired and they haven’t even started yet. It is amazing how fast the summer goes by and if you have not given yourself enough ME time you may feel somewhat unprepared physically, mentally and spiritually. Keep in mind that you need to always keep refreshing yourself. Nurturing your creativity and finding what makes you tick will be a key factor in a long and enjoyable career as a dance teacher. By spending time recharging yourself it will not only pay off in the short term but in the long term as well. Don’t take for granted that you will always have ideas flowing. That creative block and burn out feeling can creep up on you and at the most inopportune time.

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