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Summer Dance Reading To Inspire YOU!

Summer is generally a time when dance teachers can sit back, relax and actually have a few free moments to read. If you are in any way like me, you look forward to the undisturbed moments when you can read and absorb without distraction.

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Your Reputation Is The Key To Your Success

As a teacher the only thing you have that can make or break you is your reputation. How you conduct yourself not only with your boss, but also with your students, parents and fellow faculty members says a lot about you. This fact is key: If you are not conducting yourself in a professional manner, then you are not only jeopardizing what you are worth to your employer, but also jeopardizing your very employment.

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Problem Child: Is It The Child Or The Parents?

We have written many articles about issues with unruly students and how to get them over the hump and in line with the class structure. Students who are problems from a behavioral point can disrupt your entire class, ruin your flow and destroy your class karma.

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The Relationship Between Core Barre and Port De Bras

Weakness of Port De Bras is a common occurrence in young dancers. Very often students concentrate so much on the legs and feet that the arms get lost in the shuffle. Telling dancers to hold their arms in a certain way or use them in a certain way is one thing, but what is really needed is to give them the tools to fully understand how to support their arms in an anatomically correct way. This is where Core Barre really comes in to play. If the dancers can fully understand the importance of strengthening their core muscles and know how to attain that strength, their Port De Bras will automatically improve. Also understanding where the movements need to come from and giving them regular exercises for the deltoid muscles and latissimus dorsi will empower them with beautiful use of their Port De Bras.

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