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Cool Summer Radiance & Skin Safety

Summer is here is full swing and now it’s time to adjust your makeup colors for the bright light and protect your skin from the burning rays.  Here are tips to keep you looking and feeling cool and radiant.

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Different Ways of Learning

Each student has his or her own way of learning. As the teacher, your role is to find the right way to reach each student!

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Ways To Increase Turnout In Your Dancers

In our ballet classes we are constantly looking for ways to help our students increase their turnout in a safe way. The extent of any dancer’s turnout is governed in some part by the structure of their bones, joints and connective tissues. Some dancers may have natural turn out while others may struggle to have any appearance of decent turnout. Dancers who force the use of turnout without having the correct strength and coordination in the muscles will end up injuring themselves. It is very important to try to educate dancers on how to achieve a good use of turnout by using their bodies in a correct manner.

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Teaching Dancers To Become Artist

People have been dancing almost since the world began. Dancing began as a means of self-expression and it was only later that it began to be used to entertain others. Today dancers are trained to have a technique that they can use as a vehicle to express themselves and to connect with their audiences. The majority of the dancers we train will never go on to make dance their profession and those that do may never make it to the top of the ladder. Why is it so difficult to become a dancer? Consider the wide-ranging qualities needed:

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