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Personal Time: Refresh Your Look

Teaching long hours and coming out of those cold winter months can leave your skin lacking in youthful radiance.  Jumpstart your glow factor with these easy youth enhancing secrets:

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The Dance Drama: Starring Role or Supporting Actress?

We all know the drill—the raging theatrical storyline we each call "teaching dance.

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10 Ways To Communicate More Powerfully


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Excellence In Teaching

In todays tough economy excellence in whatever line of work you are in is more important than ever and mediocrity will not be tolerated. Your performance as an excellent dance teacher gives you a platform to be heard and followed. The way to gain respect from your coworkers and students is to develop your skills and excel in your classes and to conduct yourself impeccably on the job. Show your employer and coworkers that you can always be relied on not only to show up, but more importantly to be consistent in your work. Maintaining a great work ethic is not only important for you as a teacher, but only demonstrates to your students that you dont just talk the talk, but you also walk the walk.

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