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Positive Discipline For Young Dancers

Discipline is inherent in dance training and can sometimes be difficult to instill, especially with young dancers. Very often there is resistance in one form or another by students who perhaps do not receive much, if any, discipline in their homes. It is common today for parents to shy away from giving their children any form of discipline for a variety of reasons. As a result, it is very important for discipline in classes to be presented in a palatable form without alienating the students.

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Starting A School: Q &A With Steve & Angie

Last month we presented an article for dance teachers looking to start their own school. If you missed it, please read it in last month’s archives. Remember that just because you love to teach dance that does not mean you will love owing a dance school or that you will be successful at it. It takes a lot of work and desire to grow and build a successful dance school. But if you have a sense for business and would like to explore ways on how to build a business, you may just have the right entrepreneurial spirit! At the end of last month’s article, we asked DTW members to send us their follow-up questions about starting a school. Thanks to all who responded. Here are the answers to some of the questions we received.

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Preparing Your Choreography for Your Recital Or Year End Show

Spring has arrived along with all the numbers that have to be choreographed for year end performances. If you teach at a studio that primarily focuses on students’ competition numbers, chances are that the choreography has already been set. For those of you who teach at schools that have performances in May, June, July or August you may very well be starting, working on or completing your choreography right now. Teaching technique throughout the year is extremely helpful when it comes time to put numbers together because your students already have a good vocabulary of dance steps and it is just a matter of putting them together and staging the numbers in an attractive way.

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Teaching Basic Jazz Technique

Each year new students will enter the world of dance eager to learn jazz. While there are many styles of jazz, the same teaching principles hold true for each one, and they will make a big difference in your students’ growth.  When students are first learning jazz it is important that they learn about resistance, control, isolation and explosion. These 4 elements are critical in the development of beginner students. When young dancers are taught correctly, they can begin to understand how jazz movement works and how their bodies are used.

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