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Helping Your Students Turnout

Turnout is an extremely important element of many dance techniques. Dance teachers around the world are faced with the same issues of how to help their students’ turnout in a safe and effective way. Serious ballet schools very often will not accept students until they are around the age of ten because of the way the body is developing up to that age. They also will not generally accept students of fifteen and above for the same reason. In younger children it can be dangerous to over-turnout because it can cause overstretching of important muscles and ligaments of the hip and knee, something that can cause injury as they get older and in older teens the bones are already hardening. Most really young dancers are unable to hold their turnout because of a lack of strength in their muscles and, if you have tried to teach ballet to older teens with zero dance experience, you will generally find that they have great difficulty in using correct turnout.

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Demystifying Modern Dance in the Studio Setting


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Teaching Beginner Classes

Teaching beginner classes certainly requires a definite mindset and use of personality. As teachers, we all enjoy teaching the most advanced students and trying out our choreography on them. It is immensely satisfying to see students that you have trained for years interpreting your creative thoughts. But the reality is that everyone has to start somewhere and beginner students need encouragement in order to progress.

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Starting Your Own Dance School

Over the years I have heard from many dance teachers who would like to branch out and start their own dance school. They are ready to take the leap and become an entrepreneur, but often the reason why they want to open a dance school varies greatly. For a dance school to succeed as a business, you need to be able to look at the venture in certain critical ways.

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