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Looking Great On Stage: 20 Competition Judges Dos and Donts

Beauty and stage 'directions' that will give you the winning edge!

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Understanding Shin Splints: A Common Dance Injury

Shin splints, or Medial Tibial Stress Syndrome, is an injury that affects many dancers. It causes discomfort and pain in dancers of all levels. By understanding the condition, you can help prevent it, or recognize the symptoms early on so that the dancer can get prompt treatment.

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Teaching Young Dancers To Be Independent

Parents are always amazed when young dancers are able to get out on stage by themselves and remember their dance without coaching from the sidelines or the front of the theatre. I’m talking about the youngsters in the 3 to 5 age group who study once a week, not children who are taking multiple classes. Helping this age group become independent as dancers will also help them to be independent in school and life at home. Very often small children cling to their mothers, which of course is natural, but they are totally capable even at 3 to be able to follow direction and remember steps and combinations of steps when they come to class. With the very young dancer, it is sometimes necessary to let the mother enter the class with the child if he or she is experiencing anxiety, and I always encourage the mother to gradually withdraw herself from the room once the child is fully engaged in the activities. Generally speaking the child’s anxiety is a direct result of the mother not wanting to separate from their child; however, whatever the cause is, the end result we are looking for is for the dancer to feel happy and confident with their teacher. As we know, each child is unique and can present a different set of scenarios.

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