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Helping Students Conquer Their Fears

As we step into the New Year it is important to identify our students’ goals and find ways to help them achieve them by learning skills that will enable them to overcome the fears that are holding them back. Who said dancing was just about teaching technique? Because we are dealing with young children and young adults, we, as teachers, have the ability to build their confidence and life enhancing skills.

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Understanding The Back

The back is the structure that keeps us upright, protects the spinal cord and internal organs and supports the brain. It is a truly marvelous piece of machinery. It is important for everyone to keep the back and surrounding areas healthy, but for dancers it is imperative that the muscles supporting the back are constantly worked on and strengthened.

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Skin Care Smarts: Daily Routine & Products

      When you develop a daily routine, use common sense.  If your skin doesn’t react well to a routine or product, change it! (See the Sensitive Skin section in 'Understanding Your Complexion Needs').  No one knows your skin better than you do, so use your own experience to develop a skincare routine.  Remember, when in doubt, consult a qualified medical doctor and always make sure to always read your product labels!

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A Plan For Getting More Done

One of the constant laments spoken by dance teachers is, 'If I only had more time!' I know that getting everything done is a challenge each and every day. It is amazing how each day flies by and it seems like you haven’t even started on your to-do list. But the trick isn’t finding more time. It’s deciding what is most important to you and then getting it done.

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