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Makeup Application For The Junior Performer

Excerpted from the book HIGH PERFORMANCE BEAUTY

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How To Be A Positive Influence For Change

Ideas for motivating and teaching life skills to your dance students. Did you know that dance teachers are also psychologists?! Some have had formal training and others have simply devised systems over the years that give support to their students and produce the results that everyone is hoping for. Understanding Your Ability To Influence First and foremost, it is important for any dance teacher to realize that he or she is an important role model to their students. Those students will look to you to decipher what is important and what is not. It is extremely helpful for any dancer, whether serious or recreational, to come away from their training with more than simply the knowledge of how to dance. As young students go through your programs there will be all kinds of psychological issues that will come into play either propelling them ahead or slowing them down to almost a complete halt. They may be slightly affected by these issues or greatly affected by them. Guiding students through these moments and teaching them how to ultimately work through them on their own, will not only make them better dancers, but will also prepare them for whatever may lie ahead by giving them needed coping skills.

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To Give Is To Teach

I remember when Angela and I first decided to buy my former teacher, Mikki Williams dance school back in 1987. A Dance Class was a thriving studio with about 250 students. We were professional dancers, and we had taught master classes all over the world. We knew all about teaching dance, so how hard could it be to run a dance school? Once the initial shock wore off, we realized we had a lot to learn. And so we did, taking courses in marketing, management, and the all- important on-the-job training that 22 years of owning a studio will give you. Through it all, the one thing that we still love to this day, the driving force behind all of our decisionsis our love of teaching. We love to create, choreograph and work with our students. We also love to help and work with teachers. We love to be around teachers to share with them the new ways and methods we've developed to bring out the best in our students. Teaching, after all, is about giving, sharing, nurturing, helping and educating.

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Teacher Class Planner

Your class plan is one the most important ingredients to a successful class. Below is a chart that you can use to fill in important information for each class you teach. Make two copies and leave one prominently displayed for teachers at your studio. This way, if a substitute is needed, they will have an idea of what the students know and where they are in their training. Keep it up to date and it will make your life and your students lives easier.

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