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Hip Injury Prevention

In today’s competitive world it is common for dancers to try to get their legs up as high as possible in the air without fully understanding what is needed to actually get them there. As a result we are seeing more and more hip injuries in our dancers. There are a number of ways that we, as teachers can help our students to not only become stronger, but also appreciate how important it is to let the body work the way it is designed to.

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Understanding Your Students Complexion Needs

            In many ways our skin is oil and water.  Some people have oily skin with a dry surface due to harsh products used to dry out oil—the problem is, you can’t stop your oil glands from producing oil with skin care products, but you can strip them off the skin’s surface layer so harshly that skin feels dry to the touch.  This skin type should try an oil-free moisturizer.  Dead skin can sometimes be confused with dry skin.  Exfoliation is important to keep skin smooth, free of flakes and tiny bumps.

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Ordering Costumes: Timing Is Everything!

'There is a time for everything and a season for every purpose under heaven,' and if you are a dance teacher or studio owner, you know that this is the season for ordering your costumes. It may not be easy to focus on a show that is still months and months away, but early planning and ordering will minimize the craziness later in the year and maximize the discounts you can get. There are four main keys to making this process easier and more efficient: careful preparation, correct measurements, complete organization and appropriate pricing.

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5 Ways To Making Ballet Fun For Beginners!

I cannot even begin to count the number of times a mother has come in to register her daughter for classes and told us that her child didn’t want to do ballet because they wanted to have fun! It always struck me as rather sad that so many children and parents have such a negative opinion of ballet when it was so important for them to learn and master the technique. I would always ask the parent why the child didn’t want to do ballet and the reasons were almost always the same. It was too slow, it was boring, there was too much discipline, the music was lifeless and it just wasn’t fun.

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