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Eight Ways To Get More Out Of Your Day

Use these tips to free up your time and your mind!

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Building Stamina In Your Dancers

Too often young dancers lack physical and mental stamina in their work and they feel tired and drained by activity that should not have that effect in a young person.

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The Value Of Knowledge Beyond Movement

 From my experiences as both a student and a teacher, I have come to recognize that learning the why’s and how’s of technique, composition, history, anatomy and more is what ultimately separates the dancer who watches, repeats and may perform well from those who become an artist of their craft. Getting students at an early age to understand and value the importance of where things come from, how a technique evolved, who the pioneers of a certain genre were and what their contributions to dance were, how a particular muscle works to achieve a desired position, the back-history of a musical, how changing the effort quality of a movement changes intent in a work—these can all catapult our students into what I call 'whole dancers' as opposed to solely trained moving vehicles, those literally just going through the motions.

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