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Preparing Students For Beginner Pointe

Just about every little girl who sees the Nutcracker at an early age has dreams of floating round the stage in pointe shoes, dressed in a sparkling tutu, with a lovely smile on her face and a handsome prince holding her hand. Most girls who grow up taking ballet have a strong desire to go on pointe, but very often the reality is hard to take. I like to prepare my dancers in the best possible way to help them through those difficult times and transitions in the world of pointe.

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PreSchool Ballet Content

This month I want to give more pre-school ballet content, plus ideas on props that will not only stimulate the young dancer’s imagination, but also help them develop motor skills and spatial awareness. It is so important when children are learning to dance between the ages of 3 and 5 that they are learning in a creative, fun and challenging way suitable for their ages.

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Yes you can! Creating an all boys class

With men dancing on television and in the movies, it is easier to get boys to sign up for classes. With former football and basketball players and racecar drivers dancing on prime time TV, guys are starting to learn the truth about dance. Dancing is athletic, challenging and fun! Every year during registration it is exciting when boys show up to register. If you would like to increase your male enrollment, try creating an all boys class. The key is not to identify it by any genre. This way you can incorporate all dance forms into the class, increasing their dance knowledge and overall training. I have written articles on teaching boys and this article will focus on an all boys class!

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Q & A With Angela D'Valda Sirico

We’ve had a number of emails from members who would like help with a number of issues that they are facing. This is the first of a new quarterly Q & A session that will answer your questions and give you ideas on how to handle different situations. Please feel free to send your questions to; we will answer as many as space allows.

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