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Helping Your Students Find The Best Summer Programs

Sending your students off to summer dance programs is certainly a good way to broaden their outlook and keep them dancing throughout the summer break, so that when they return to you in the fall both you and they are not starting from square one. Occasionally, if you have an older student going to one of the major dance companies summer programs, you may find that they are offered a contract to go into the second company. This is something great for the student and also great for you as their teacher. There are very few places available in the more renowned companies, so it is a tribute to your teaching ability if they are accepted. I know it is sad to see them go, but just remind yourself that this is why we train them, so that we give them a strong enough technique and love of dance for them to be able to take flight! Very often, your students will come back with a much better appreciation of the good training that you are giving them not only in dance but in the general way of living too!

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Out of Your Comfort Zone

I try to constantly encourage my students to get out of their comfort zone. As a matter of fact I try to get them to feel uncomfortable at times. I want them to be in an area of movement and style that they are not familiar with. They may not even like it at first but thats ok, because it is all about expanding their comfort zone. As teachers, I think it is very important that we do the same. If every year you teach the same style, tricks and technique I can assure you, it will burn you out. The fact that you are a member of Dance Teacher Web is proof that you are eager and willing to learn new concepts and styles. To continue to grow and expand your knowledge this willingness to accept new ideas will be very important. I am sure you have a certain style or form that you relate with the most. We all do! But you may surprise yourself by venturing out of your comfort zone and experimenting with different styles or forms.

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Ways to Keep Your Students Motivated

Students who are pre-teens or younger find it much easier to get excited about a lot of things and especially in dance it seems they think almost everything is cool! It is when they cross over into the teen world that they start to get on the topsy, turvy rollercoaster of emotions that seems to keep them slightly off kilter for a few years. So keeping these teenagers motivated on a daily basis as a teacher can be quite a challenge!

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A Time to Reflect

It really is amazing how time passes by and how easy it is to lose touch with people who were important to us and have been instrumental in our successes as a teacher/choreographer/person. Summer happens to be a great time to reconnect with those who have helped you. I recommend that you do so for several reasons.

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