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Making Ballet classes More Fun

One of the best compliments I have ever received as a teacher was at a convention that I was teaching for. At the end of the class, one of the teenagers came up to me to thank me. She told me that my class had inspired her and that for the first time as a dance student she really believed herself to be capable of doing ballet and not feeling stupid and insecure. That comment really meant something to me because it made me look at how ballet is so often perceived by young dancers to be something out of their reach and absolutely not "cool!" It also made me feel happy that I had managed to get through to this young girl, who, for whatever reason, had never felt that the style, movement and even discipline of ballet could be accessible to her.

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Building Success With The Right Mindset

Getting your students to have the right mind set will help them exceed their goals! This may seem simple enough but is not easy when a class or student has a poor attitude. Your joy, love and energy can be contagious. Another way is to set guidelines that you post in the studio, hand them out to the students and get all of your fellow faculty members on board. We want all of our students to have a positive mind set when it comes to learning. Especially for example, when they are having an issue with a step or combination. Making them understand that by working hard on something to get it right, very often ends with a positive result and is therefore, worth the effort, is important.

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Ways to Promote Yourself and Increase Your Value to Your Employer

Follow the "Three B's" rule to improve your position and increase your value at any studio where you teach. Be on time, Be professional and Be reliable! Sound's easy enough! Yet there are teachers who, for whatever reason, do not follow these simple rules for advancement.

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