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Developing a Superior Speaking Voice

If the body is the instrument, the music is the voice Who would have thought that something as basic as your everyday speaking voice could be a powerful force to be reckoned with? Why is this so? Your speaking voice literally defines who you are. It is your individual calling card that you consciously and subconsciously use to place your energetic stamp on every minute of your lifes ups and downs. From the moment you entered into this existence, the individual and unique sound of your speaking voice has been one of the best ways to communicate what lies deep within.

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The Dance Teacher Guidelines

This just in: Teaching dance is hard work! You love to teach. You love your students (yes, I know there are a few who can be annoying and you maybe could live withoutbut by and large you love your students). You love your studio. Yet there are days when you just feel like youve been put through the ringer. Being a dance teacher is hard work, especially in a private dance school setting where the hours are long and classes can be six or even seven days a week. I bet there are times, have been times or will be times when your students go home unhappy, too, because of some perceived wrongdoing, and the person getting blamed will be you! Relax. It happens. Move on, dont beat yourself up and try not to take it personallyYeah, right!

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Improv as a Teaching Tool

Using improvisation, whether as a class unto itself or as a tool in technique class, can provide a multitude of benefits for your students.

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Technical Notes On The Fundamental Movements Of Acrobatics And Tumbling

Front Limber: The old term for this movement was Front Over, but in reality is a Backbend in reverse, i.e. getting into a Backend from a Front Bending action. #1 Execute the preparation as for a Handstand, bringing the legs together overhead momentarily. #2 Arch the back, pressing the shoulder girdle back and lowering the legs almost parallel to the floor with the knees straight. #3 Separate the legs and bend the knees. #4 Alight onto the balls of the feet and shift the body weight forward onto the legs, pushing off fingertips to make the hips move forward. #5 As hands roll off the floor, bring torso upright (tighten abdominal muscles) with arms still alongside ears.

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