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How To Prepare Your Students To Perform

The majority of dance students dance because they have a genuine love for it. Very often when they are younger they find it easier to perform as they dance. Simply because they are uncomplicated and approach their classes and choreography with such enthusiasm that it just spills over to their performances. When they become pre teens and then teens and are filled with angst and uncertainty about themselves and everything around them, they begin to internalize their feelings and very often temporarily lose their ability to relax and perform. Of course, as teachers we understand that at this age the students have a tendency to try to avoid drawing attention to them in any way. As a result, performances can sometimes end up being unemotional and dull.

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Oh Boy! Helpful tips on how to teach boys

I remember when I first started taking dance lessons. It was 5 boys, including myself and 10 girls. The teacher had a great time choreographing and teaching because the boys brought a unique energy to the class and to what she could do. Later on when I was taking with Mikki Williams she also had quite a few guys to work with. I know that having a lot of guys for most schools is not a reality. However when you do get them in I think it is very important to train them differently from the girls, not just in the technique but in your whole approach.

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Late-beginning Students: Part III

A Four-part Examination into a Special Subgroup of Student

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Gaining Your Students Respect and Appreciation

One of the big challenges today as a teacher is to get respect from your students. Unfortunately, part of it is just the way of todays society. You have a choice as a teacher as to what the relationship with your students will be. You can be demanding without being mean or viewed as a strict disciplinarian. You can set ground rules and enforce them in a way that will be gladly followed by your students.

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