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You've Got To Have Faith

Believe in your corrections, believe in your teacher, now repeat it again and again! It should be a chant that all students over the age of 8 say as they go into class.

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Teaching Summer Programs

Every dance teacher that I know likes to have some time off in the summer just to relax, recharge the batteries and perhaps to receive some additional training at one of the teacher training programs run by different organizations. On the other hand it is certainly helpful if some income is coming in during those summer months. We run three types of programs at our studio. One for pre-school children, one for children ages 8-12 with little or no previous dance training and the last one for our more serious students. We start the third week of June and go through to the last days in August.

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Resistance, Placement and Control

Resistance, placement and control are vital elements that must be addressed in all jazz and contemporary classes. These elements will help them not only to progress, but to reduce the chance of injury.

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What are the benefits of studying multiple forms of dance?

There are many benefits of studying different dance styles. Obviously the most important one on the training list is Classical dance and whether your students want to be classical dancers or not we know that the training is invaluable for any student of dance in order to really understand the basics of positioning the body in the correct way to be able to execute the steps. Many students, especially beginners, are very set against taking ballet and would much rather take jazz or hip hop or even tap. I have never turned anyone away who had an interest in dance by insisting at the beginning that they had to take ballet. I always impress it upon both the student and the parent that it is extremely important for any dancer to include ballet in order to really see progression. If they are reluctant I do not insist instead I find something that they are interested in and I do tell them that the child will eventually find out for themselves how important ballet is for them.

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