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Competition Kickoff 101

As judges for the past 15 years we have seen a lot of great numbers and some that have missed the mark. Here are a few observations that we and fellow judges have noticed that could be the difference maker for your next number. What is age appropriate and what is not? In many cases children under fourteen are given choreography and costuming that would be totally acceptable for an eighteen year old but for pre-teens comes across as too suggestive and really inappropriate. There is a lot of pressure from music videos to follow whatever trends are current; however, if you can present your ideas to your students in such a way that they will think that they are just the best and "coolest" thing around and let them realize that they can be the trendsetters without coming over in a negative way.

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Music, Music, Music!

 Every year the endless search for music starts and is never ending. As we begin the new year we would like to present a list of music that we have found to be different, age appropriate and exciting. If you do competitions it is important to find unique pieces of music. Some of the music we recommend is oldies but goodies! Looking back you can find hidden gems that you may have forgotten about, music that you once loved and were very passionate about. Listen to those tracks and you may find that it is now very retro! A few years ago we found a remake of It's a Small World After All on the sound track of the Disney movie Around the world in 80 days. We used this song for our year end show finale and it was a huge hit! The whole audience was singing it as they left the theater! So do a bit of digging and you never know what you may find.

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How To Create Lyrical Dance

 1) Look at the age of the dancers. Sometimes it can be interesting to mix the ages but obviously if some of the dancers are younger that will certainly influence your style of choreography, music and costumes.

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Jazz Technique for Beginner Students

 Each year it is a challenge to make sure that we are prepared. We are, after all, teaching many classes to many different levels of students in many different styles! We have found that each class needs to have a natural progression. Each time the students learn one step it should go towards being part of a building block. It is highly recommended to keep track of what is taught for several reasons.

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