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Dance Studio Etiquette

 It is very important to set ground rules for all levels of classes, from pre-school to adults. We call this dance studio etiquette because it is more than what takes place in the class room. This is all part of the plan to help with classroom management and helps the students learn important life skills that will be with them for a life time. Yes sometimes it is hard to teach an old dog new tricks but what the world needs now is self discipline (and love) and dance training should provide plenty of both. If we can get our students to act in a self disciplined way and to respect themselves and others, think of how that will positively affect their lives.

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When a parent gets in your face!

You just finished a great class and you are on that high that only teaching can give you. The students are leaving the room and the energy is high only to be crushed by an irate parent ready to pounce and make your teaching high crash and burn. Ever been there? If so you know what this is all about, If not, I am happy for you but don't get lulled into thinking it will never happen. Being a guy, and a big one at that! I have never really experienced a full fledge attack but I have seen and heard of some really ugly incidents.

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Classroom Management

The best time to get control of you class is right in the beginning of the year by setting the tone with a list of rules, regulations, guidelines or any other name you want to give it. If presented in a positive way, they will, for the most part, be happy to follow the ground rules you set forth. Have your students sit down in each class, preferably the first one they take and go over each important matter you would like to have in place.

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How to get your students to listen and apply their corrections

This is always a fun topic. Don't you just love it when you see a student do something wrong and you excitedly give them the correction only to be told "I didn't do that" Oh really, then what am I doing here? Just imagining things or giving you a hard time for fun! Boy does that one bring me to a boil! How about the look of disgust, the one of hurt, anger and so on. There is also the one who looks at you, says ok, and can never seem to get it right. Who said teaching dance was going to be easy?

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